Serving Companions Living At A Distance

At the 2016 National Congress, the General Council of the Naval Order of the United States determined that a virtual Commandery be stood up to meet the needs of Companions who cannot participate in Naval Order activities because of their distance from one of the established, physical Commanderies. To meet these needs, the Continental Commandery:

Welcome Aboard!

The Naval Order of the United States was established in 1890 as a hereditary organization in the United States for members of the American sea services. 

The Naval Order of the United States is the living history of our sea going services. Our membership keeps history alive through the restoration of historic artifacts, establishment of memorials at key sites, and the active collection of our shared history through academic papers, published works, and ad hoc stories.

We are a growing community of members spanning multiple generations and military engagements. Using written, visual, aural and social media, we tell our stories and work as a community to build, restore, and commemorate our treasured national history of those who went to sea in the name of our country.

Continental Commandery Leadership Team


Robert Thompson

VC, Communications

Mark Wixom

VC, Membership

William Singletary

VC, Projects

David Holley


Aaron Bresnahan

Past Commanders

2021-2023 Captain Frederick J. Passman, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

2018-2021 Captain Aaron G. Bresnahan, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

2016-2018 Captain Thomas L. Snyder, Medical Corps, U.S. Navy (Ret.)