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Northern Lights illuminating the Norwegian Sea

December 2022 - Virtual Lecture

Kerfuffle Over the Norwegian Sea

Thursday, 15 December 2022 (1900 hours Eastern)

Dr. James Tritten Author and retired National Security Department Chair, Naval Post Graduate School, Monterrey, CA.

Kerfuffle Over the Norwegian Sea is a true story that occurred on September 26, 1972, on a flight in an S-2G that originated aboard USS Intrepid (CV-11). Dr. James Tritten has written extensively about strategy, doctrine, nuclear issues, etc. but decided to focus one essay on the challenging events that occurred one day, on one flight, that would show the reader what really goes on in the cockpit when things go south. Come join us and listen to Dr. Tritten show you how he earned his flight pay one dark and stormy night.

Dr. James Tritten retired after a forty-four-year career with the Department of Defense, including duty as a carrier-based naval aviator. He holds advanced degrees from the University of Southern California and formerly served as a faculty member and National Security Affairs department chair at the Naval Postgraduate School. Dr. Tritten’s publications have won him sixty-three writing awards, including the Alfred Thayer Mahan Award from the Navy League of the U.S. He has published twelve books and over four hundred chapters, short stories, essays, articles, and government technical reports. Dr. Tritten was a frequent speaker at many military, arms control, and international conferences and has seen his work translated into Russian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.